AccountEdge LLC prepares individual, partnership, and corporate income tax returns including tax returns for small to mid-sized S-Corps, C-Corps, LLCs and Sole Proprietorships. AccountEdge LLC specializes in multiple back year tax filing and can provide representation to the IRS/State Authorities. We also can prepare the following tax forms:

- Estimated quarterly taxes
- Sales taxes

Multiple Year Back Taxes Filings

Need to file back taxes? Look no further than the CPA Tax Expert at AccountEdge. We have all the tax programs dating back to 2000. We offer multiple year discounts and offer affordable solutions to getting you tax-compliant.

If you received any notices from the IRS, scan and email them in, or bring them with you to the appointment. We can take care of that for you!
Please note that refunds can only be gotten for the past three tax years. Any taxes owed are due going back ten years.
Do you finally want to rest assured that you are tax compliant with the IRS? Call AccountEdge at (917) 862-0007 or email to take care of your back taxes, the easy hassle-free way! We will then work with you every March to become tax-compliant as the April 15 deadline comes due every year. This will be the start to a long, productive, easy, hassle-free tax filing relationship. We make filing taxes the right way, easy!