AccountEdge LLC provides a wide range of audit and accounting services, review, compilation of financial statements for private businesses or not-for-profits only.

We provide independent assessment of financial statements in four different levels:

Service Description
External audit We provide reasonable assurance, by means of applicable standard, on the fair presentation of financial statements.
Internal audit By assessing and monitoring the company's risk management, reporting and control measures, we make recommendations for improvement on a company's internal controls.
Review We use inquiry and analytical procedures to express limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made on the financial statements.
Compilation This involves presenting information, consisting of management’s representations in the form of financial statements, without expressing assurance.

Our forensic services include inspection, review and implementation of major issues agreed with our customers and reporting of the results of the program steps.

We handle a specific task, such as reviewing and evaluating internal control systems to ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency, reliability and financial reporting and compliance of applicable laws.

AccountEdge LLC ensures implementation of strict compliance with AICPA Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS). We make it a point to be constantly in touch with our customers in the changing economic and regulatory environment.


*private businesses and not-for-profits only